Digital Nomad Guide to Siem Reap, Cambodia

I visited Siem Reap as a tourist (Angkor Wat etc.) and enjoyed it, I will consider going back for a longer stay. It is quite and some I am sure will find it has too little excitement but I think I would be fine with it.

Mobile data plan

Visa on arrival seems fine. 30 days for about US $35 with 2 photos. True for airport arrivals and possible land (do research first). e-visas are fine, it seems the main advantage is you may save time at the airport, though it seems often you really don’t save any time. It sounds like you can do it all online (upload photos) and you have to pay a bit more, but not much (like under $10 – at least if you do your research).

Extending your visa seems fairly easy though it appears you pretty much have to turn your passport over for a day or several days. Of course any time you hand over your passport I would take very great care to chose a trustworthy place. From Siem Reap they have to ship it to Phnom Penh for processing.

Most people saying going to the government office is a huge pain and not worth the effort (and those “most” are nomadic travelers doing lots of stuff themselves so not afraid of normal issues in dealing with visa stuff so it may well be wise to take the advice). Things will change, check and see if better extension options have been added – certainly sometime there will be e-extention but that might be 2018 or 2028 or …

Co-working spaces


Curious Cat Travel Destinations: Siem Reap, Cambodia

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