Catoctin Mountain National Park

Photos from my hike on the Hog Rock Train in Catoctin Mountain National Park, Maryland, USA. Overlapping trails include: wolf rock, chimney rock and Thurmont vista.

small bird looking at tree bark

view up of green leaves with the sun shining through

Rock overlook with vista of forest and blue sky

These photos are from a hike in 2016.

pink orchid with forest backdrop

Bee on leaf

camouflaged toad blending into leaf litter on the ground

Well camouflaged toad.

Fractured rock overview with trees and sky in the background

Large circular spider web highlighted by the sun

trail in trees

I am looking forward to getting back to hiking in parks. The last year has been a challenge. It appears we are nearing a point when it will be responsible to travel cautiously as vaccinations drastically reduce the risk of virus in the community.

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