Wonderful Jungle Hike at Mount Santubong, Borneo, Malaysia

Trail in the forest

My hike on Mount Santubong was an amazing experience. The hike was quite challenging; very step climbing for a long time.

rope handhold for steep jungle trail, Mount Santubong, Sarawak, Malaysia

The trail climbed like this for a long time. The ropes could help you climb (especially necessary if there had been rain recently as it is not only steep but slippery when went).

Jungle trail, rope ladder, Mount Santubong

Quite frequently rope ladders were necessary to aid the climb.

Many durians hanging from tree

The fruits on this tree are cempadak (described as between Durian and Jackfruit). Durian is known as the “king of fruit” due to its large size; they also stink horribly (they are banned in many hotels, etc.).

Proboscis monkeys in trees

Monkeys of several different types (Proboscis monkeys are seen in this photo) could be seen and more often heard. I also wrote on my other blog about the Rhinoceros Hornbills on Mount Santubong.

vista from Mount Santubong jungle trail

Occasionally you would get great vistas from the trail through the forest.

Purple flowers

Mount Santubong, vine leaves on tree trunk

Steep jungle trail through trees

The trail was a delight (as well as good exercise).

Mount Santubong trailhead

I was driven to the trailhead in the morning from my wonderful treehouse lodging near Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

White fungus on a log in the forest

Illustration of the jungle trails for Mount Santubong, Malaysia

I hiked part way up the mountain then doubled back and when I reached the junction with the jungle trail I took the loop toward town (instead of going back to the original trailhead that I started at in the morning which is seen on the right side of this illustration).

rope ladder on jungle trail

This is an absolutely great trail, though you do have to be ready for lots of climbing in the heat.

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3 thoughts on “Wonderful Jungle Hike at Mount Santubong, Borneo, Malaysia”

  1. Great photos, wish I could have climbed the hill there when I last visited, but no time. BTW, those are not durian, but cempadak.

    1. Thanks for your comment; I looked more closely and it seems you are right. I updated the text on the post.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing this amazing post.
    This looks like a very beautiful place to visit.
    I like the most place in Malaysia. The beaches around Santubong Sarawak are among the best in Sarawak…it ideal for water sport and also beach combing.

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