Duoyishu Village, Yunnan, China

Duoyishu Village is in Yuanyang County, Yunnan, China. I took a private tour for my travels through Yunnan to make things easy on me (China and Kenya are the only places I have done this – because they are more difficult to travel by yourself than most places are).

Seated Man using a machine to make noodles

I took these photos on my visit to Duoyishu Village. I enjoyed my visit. I will post again with more photos from the many surrounding beautiful rice fields.

Blue Truck (motor not covered)

I think this is an interesting blue truck.

View of green rice fields from my guesthouse

View of green rice fields from my guesthouse in Duoyishu Village. The other photos are from close by, but some may be from a different village.

Women in traditional clothing at local market in Yunnan, China

This was a small local market with few tourists. The people wore traditional cloths by choice, not to attract tourists. There was a wet market (meat) and a pool table under a large rain cover (500+ square meters).

Houses, Yunnan, China

Houses along the road; drying corn and with a satellite dish.

View of green rice fields with my guesthouse in the background

I stayed at Jacky’s guesthouse and I would recommend it, it is visible on the right of this photo. The photo above was taken from the deck (open air – under the roofing). It was a wonderful place to relax as the sun set (or any other time).

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