Mosaic Tile Mural, Hanoi, Vietnam

images of Elephant and other animals on the Hanoi Mosaic Mural

I really enjoyed the Mosaic Tile Mural in Hanoi, Vietnam.

images of children and a bus, Hanoi Mosaic Mural

The Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural covers nearly 4 km and was started as part of the commemoration of the millennial anniversary of Hanoi (2010).

images of musicians on the Hanoi Mosaic Mural

The site is north and east of the old city and I enjoyed the walk.

Roadway with person crossing and view of the Hanoi Mosaic Mural

See the Curious Cat Tourist Map for Hanoi with the location of the mural (when I was asking people where it was people didn’t know – the language barrier likely was part of the issue even if they spoke English a bit).

images of boats with oarsman along the Hanoi Mosaic Mural

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Football images on the Hanoi Mosaic Mural

All photos by John Hunter.

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