Kuang Si Waterfalls, Laos

Tat Kuang Si park is a wonderful spot for a hike.

amazing light blue colored pool of water

The water has an amazing blue color that seems almost fake in photos but is really the color of these photos. The blue is due to dissolved copper.

pedestrian bridge with blue water pool and waterfalls in the background

The Kuang Si waterfalls are about 30 km outside of Luang Prabang. You can rent a open back pickup for about $30 (really I forget I think it was about that amount though) for the trip or you can join a tour group (easy to arrange at many guest houses and travel agents all over Luang Prabang).

Photo of me at the waterfall

Photo of me at the waterfall.

slippery, steep trail

There is a nice hike to the top of the falls. If it has rained recently I think it would be very hard to climb up the trail on the right. The photo above shows the step trail and the heavy clay ground would be very slippery when wet.

natural pool at the top of the falls

At the top of the falls there is a large natural pool. Cross over the pool to reach the other side and you can walk to a cave (from the left side of the falls). And there is a path to the bottom on the left.

sign and trail to the cave

The cave is not something I found very impressive but it is a nice hike through the forest to the cave.

spider in its web

I saw this impressive spider along the trail. If you know what kind of spider it is please add a comment.

buddhas in a cave

Here are some Buddhas in the cave. The cave had very little light (often none) and so the entrance fee include a small flashlight. I can’t remember the cost but under US$5, I think.

mineral covered stairway on the path to the top of the falls

These mineral covered stairs are on the path back down to the bottom of the falls.

Asian Black Bear

There is a bear rescue center near the entrance with Asian Black Bears which are native to Laos.

I think the falls are a wonderful side trip from Luang Prabang. The blue of the water is really amazing.

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