Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo has a great reputation, and for good reason. It isn’t cheap to get in, but for that money you do get a very nicely designed zoo. The zoo also supports various conservation efforts and research projects.

I took these photos on my visit to the zoo a few years ago.

Singapore Zoo, woman viewing lions

The viewing options were often excellent, like this great view of the lions.

Singapore Zoo, Elephant show

There were several shows in addition to feeding times and talks by wildlife experts. If I remember right these were free (or some were free?).

Singapore Zoo, kids in front of exhibit of hippo and fish

Singapore Zoo, gibbon

Singapore Zoo, kangaroos

The kangaroos were only separated from us by that small fence.

Singapore Zoo, kid feeding giraffe

You could feed several animals, for a fee (of course, this is Singapore).

Singapore Zoo, baboons behind glass

Singapore Zoo, monkey on a sign

Singapore Zoo, white tiger

Sadly this was before I got my new camera and the old camera couldn’t get good photos of the white tigers (it also didn’t have a good enough zoom so some of the photos are not as good as they could be). I am very happy with my Canon PowerShot SX60, my old camera was the 5 year old version of this camera.

Singapore Zoo, green snake

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