Wat Lok Moli, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand is home to many ancient Buddhist temples. Wat Lok Molee (or Wat Lok Moli) sits just North of the moat surrounding the old city.


The “zip line” is to bring something up to the Buddha in the Chendi. I don’t know what, but maybe offerings. I have seen the at some other temples but not many.

Although it is know this temple was originally built in the 14th century the architecture of the Chendi (also called stupa or pagoda) dates to the 16th century.


You can see where people can write on an orange cloth in the front. I am guessing that is then wrapped abound the temple, but again I am only guessing.

Virharn on the right, with the Cheni in the background.

Virharn on the right, with the Cheni in the background.

The red statues in the front are of the 12 animals that have years in the Chinese calendar. Representatives of them are often present, in different forms, at many temples.

A viharn (worship hall) also dates from the 16th century (or maybe the 14th) though it has been renovated numerous times. I can’t tell from what I find online, but it seems the original foundation remains and the current viharn was built in 2003 in a traditional style. Chiang Mai was abandoned between sometime 1776 and 1791 and resettled in the early 1900s? (again I am not sure).

“Wat” means to the whole temple complex.

photo of a small alter

A small alter in the front of the complex.

I don’t really understand how it connects but there seems to be an alter to Ganesh (Hindu) but I am not very knowledgable on the religious matters. And often there is a mixture of Hinduism and Buddhism at sites around SE Asia. The webcast shows that alter and some others that are near the entrance to Wat Moli.

The orange cloth has writing from visitors.

The orange cloth has writing from visitors.

I like learning but obviously I have much to learn about many things. If you know more details please add a comment.

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