Finding a Dentist in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Digital nomads and full time expats must take care of regular life while abroad. You don’t read much about this other than the wonderful views they have from their latest wifi cafe. One of those tasks you must address is finding a dentist.

Some locations are better than others for taking care of these items. Chiang Mai is a good location for finding a dentist. Chiang Mai University, as with many universities produces many qualified people and usually a surplus find they like the city and stay.

Dentist office at the Dental 4 You Clinic

Dental 4 You Clinic

Chiang Mai has a steady supply of retirees, tourists and recently digital nomads supplementing the local population. Reading online I was able to find several highly recommended dental practices and I selected Dental 4U. They had many recommendations for quality and price.

My experience was very good and I recommend Dental 4U as a wise place to take care of your dental needs. The whole process was excellent, arranging the appointment, showing up and being seen as scheduled (in the USA I almost always have waits, sometimes long ones and so do others I talk to) and the appointment itself.

Hallway in the Dental 4 You Clinic with cat statues

It isn’t as though going to the dentist is fun anytime. But I felt I was in good and safe hands. Other than the service being above what I would expect the only other thing that would be out of place in the USA was talking off your shoes before going back to dentist chair from the waiting room. I guess I am also used a completely separate room so that may also be a bit different (as you can see in the photo). There was only one dentist when I was there.

The Curious Cat Chiang Mai map (dentists are not shown by default see instructions to view them on the map) show the location for the Dental 4U and the other 2 highly ranked dentists in my search (Elite Smile Dental Clinic
and Grace Dental Clinic). I would suggest checking again if you are looking at this much later to see that they are still getting good ratings. I search for blogs and use trip advisor and other such online communities to see what others are thinking.

Chiang Mai map showing Dental 4u clinic

The Dental 4u Clinic is near Tha Pae gate (just outside the old city).
382-384, Thapae Road, Tambon Changmoi, Amphoe Muang, Chiangmai, 50300
phone: +66 53 874 149
Office Hours: 7 days a week 9:00am to 8:00pm

Many Europeans and Australians will arrange for dental work to be done while on their vacation. At least that is the impression I get. That seems to be a significant amount of the more involved work done by the dental clinics in Chiang Mai. They offer good prices and good service.

Exterior view of the Dental 4 You Clinic

The branding is a bit confusing they use all sorts of variations on Aesthetic Clinic Dental 4U, Chiang Mai Dental 4 You etc.. Their web site includes a price list and they respond well to email (something many companies, both in SE Asia and the USA, seem unable to do) and speak English.

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4 thoughts on “Finding a Dentist in Chiang Mai, Thailand”

  1. can you help me, i can not contact Grace Dental clinic, there web site will not connect? …… i wish to make an appointment.

    1. The web site works for me. Maybe it was broken for a short while.

      FYI, even though there website is pretty ugly don’t hold that against them – the service is nice and the actual clinic is clean and well designed. It is odd to me that they took such care with their clinic design but have such an ugly and busy web site.

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