Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand

I had very positive memories of the photogenic nature of the Grand Palace in Bangkok. But my photos from my last trip were not digital and I haven’t seen them in over 10 years. I was worried I would be disappointed. I wasn’t.

Exterior wall of the Emerald Buddha temple

Emerald Buddha temple, Grand Palace

See my video of the Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand:

The whole area of the site is not very big. So you have lots of temples packed in a small space and I found my neck muscles didn’t seem to be too happy after awhile.

Tourists looking up at the Grand Palace

The temple grounds are surrounded by a wall and the inside of that wall is covered in paintings. Given all the other spectacular views these are not given much attention by most visitors by they are very interesting themselves.

Paintings on Grand Palace walls

The Emerald Buddha itself is placed high above ground level and isn’t easy to see (unless maybe you have eagle eyes) so this photo lets you get a clearer view then when you visit. But the photo misses the surroundings. For Buddhist the temple is a place of worship.

photo of the Emerald Buddha statue

The Emerald Buddha

Lion statue, out Emerald Buddha Temple

Lion statue, outside the Emerald Buddha Temple

There are so many great views I have only shared a few photos here, see many more photos from my visit to the Grand Palace.

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  1. It’s my favourite place also! Sadly, the Grand Palace will be closed on 1-2 December and 5-6 December 2016.

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