Magical Day at Glacier-Waterton International Peace Park

One of the most enjoyable days of my life began at Glacier National Park (USA) and continued in the Canadian portion of the park (Waterton International Peace Park). The parks share a long border and amazing natural beauty.

View on Iceberg Lake Trail

Iceberg Lake Trail, Glacier National Park

This magical day was my fifth day at Glacier National Park, which had already been wonderful.

John Hunter with vista in background

John Hunter, top of Bear’s Hump trail, Waterton International Peace Park

I started with a great ranger led hike to Iceberg Lake (I kept waiting for good weather for this great hike, which we finally got the day I was scheduled to leave). Then I drove up to Waterton International Peace Park in Canada.

The scenery at several overlooks on that drive were amazing. I then hiked the Bear’s Hump trail.

View from my room at the Prince of Wales Lodge

View from my room at the Prince of Wales Lodge, Waterton International Peace Park. Pretty great.

From the grounds of the Prince of Wales Lodge I saw this rainbow. Quite a nice way to wrap up the day. Which I then capped off with a good meal at the lodge.


Rainbow at the Prince of Wales Lodge